the most wonderful time of the year..

I have some Christmastime photos to share! I love checking out everyone's holiday photos and getting a peek at their traditions and specifically FOOD. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many food pictures this year, but next year I definitely will! Anyway, the boy and I went into Manhattan a few nights ago to have dinner and check out The Tree. Here's me at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. My boyfriend and I decided to be extra-touristy that night..clearly.



I'm wearing a vintage fur coat that used to be my Grandma's (don't hate me, vegans!), a vintage polka dot cardigan, black tank, GAP jeans, vintage boots, and a big tote from Modcloth.




The city is truly amazing around this time of year. I love all the kitschy and fun things you can stumble upon, like this giant set of Christmas lights, for example..



I'm too afraid to ask anyone to take a picture of us together because I worry that they will run off with my we tried a bunch of long-arm shots and a self timer shot. As you can see, neither was successful. Haha!




We looked down and the ice skating rink and realized that practically no one was out there. We blamed it on the cold temperature and rising ice-skating prices at first, until we realized that this guy was proposing to his lady! Everyone was cheering and clapping, and the woman said yes! So awesome for them!




Now here's some pictures of my adorable (sorta overweight looking?) dog stuffed into his "Merry Christmas" sweater. I could be mistaken, but I think he's still wearing it. I should probably go take care of that at some point, hm?



Here's one shot I happened to get of food. Mmm..antipasto! And finally, of in my cousin's reindeer costume. Laugh it up, folks!



Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :)


  1. Aw... I miss New York! Thanks for the pics! I'm not sure who is cuter in costume! :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to NYC during the holidays, the city looks so romantical!!! glad you had a good time


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