windy beaches and christmas trees.

On Saturday, I posted from Long Island and promised another post with some pictures. Here they are! I loved the drive up. The view of Manhattan is pretty majestic in such cold, clear weather. And it was so windy on this beach! At one point, my hair was standing straight up in the air a la Bride of Frankenstein. I'm sad that I didn't get a picture because it was absurd.




I'm wearing this sweater from my shop, glove/mittens from Urban Outfitters, GAP 1969 jeans, my uncle's old leather jacket (the fact that it fits me and it once fit him boggles my mind), this purse from my shop, and a gorgeous pair of vintage white leather boots. I want to put them up in the shop, but I love them too much!








Random things we found around town: adorable "I love you" graffiti and a tree-ghost. My boyfriend is just pretending to be scared in the picture. He's actually really brave.



Every year, my sister and I take this same photo. We're cutting the netting off the tree. I really want to find all of these pictures since I was little and make a collage or something! Our tree is pretty great. We got it days ago but still haven't decorated it yet. We needed to let it "settle," and then we all haven't been home at the same time to do it. Ha! I can't wait to set everything up though; it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, ain't it?




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