love me, love me.

I decided to paint my nails in celebration of Valentine's Day. I went with red, grey, and silver glitter, with two little hearts on my middle fingers. I'm mad that I didn't clean up the extra bits on my skin before I took these photos, but oh well! What do you think? Did you do your nails for the occasion? Frank and I are going to have a few drinks, then go out to dinner (it's a surprise!). What are your plans?

Also, enjoy the lovely sounds of The Cardigans like I have been doing all day. What a great song for Valentine's Day! :)

Valentine's Day Manicure

Valentine's Day Manicure

Valentine's Day Manicure

Valentine's Day Manicure


  1. i love it! i actually didn't do my nails this week. i got really lazy. Haha. but i painted it red last week!



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