The Color Run 2012.

Me? Doing a 5K? Yea, it happened. The Color Run NJ was held in Englishtown, NJ at Raceway Park, was so fun, and is up there with the Zombie Walk in the "What is Happening Here?" and "Hard to Explain to Other People" categories. For those of you who don't know... the Color Run is a 5K in which people throw colored powder at the runners and make a starchy, colorful mess. Also, the organizers donate to different charities (our run was for MS)! A few lessons for next year: the green powder makes everyone look really dirty, the corn starch powder mixed with sweat makes for a really strong hair gel, don't bring such a big bag, maybe don't bring a brand new (white) DSLR camera, get better sneakers, get there early, and get up close and personal with the people throwing the color.

The Color Run 2012 The Color Run 2012The Color Run 2012 The Color Run 2012 The Color Run 2012 The Color Run 2012 The Color Run 2012


  1. Exercise and fun! Looks like it was a great day!


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