Etsy Vintage Shop Clearance Sale • 45% Off!

Etsy Vintage Shop Clearance Sale • 45% Off!

The end is almost here, my friends. Or maybe it's the beginning. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably be happy that this mega-clearance sale is almost over because that means I'll stop flooding your feeds about it (sorry about that friends, a girl's gotta make money). This week, all vintage in the shop is 45% off! Then next Tuesday, it'll all be marked down to 50% off the original price. After that (April 23rd), all items will be set back to their original prices and the new vintage inventory will be rolled out.

In regards to the new inventory, I'm going to post a few new items a day starting April 23rd. Most of what's coming is vintage housewares and home goods, clothing, scarves, and jewelry, with some clothing, shoes, bags, and other fun stuff in the mix as well. Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks and behind the scenes things too! And as usual, I ask that you please check out the sale, tell your friends and family, share it on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else you'd like. Thank you, my tulips!

Use code 50FREE for free U.S. shipping on all orders of $50 or more! ⚓


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