A Wild Tonic Vintage • Shop Update 5/12/14.

Vintage Sequin Blouse • Black Sequined Tank Top • Size Medium

Vintage Pants • Blue Slacks • Pendleton • Size 4

Vintage Cream Beaded Sweater • Soft Fuzzy Sweater with Beaded Details • Size Large

Vintage Pants • Sandy Brown Slacks • Pendleton • Size 4

Vintage Pants • Plaid Slacks • Bloomingdale's • Size 4

Vintage Striped Teal and Black Tank Top • Horizontal Stripe Sleeveless Shirt • Size Small

Vintage Camel Wool Skirt • Size Large

Vintage Embroidered Floral Blouse • White Gauzy Blouse with Pink Orange and Yellow Embroidery • Size Large

Vintage White and Cream Beaded Sweater • Soft Fuzzy Sweater with Beaded Details • Size Large

Vintage Gold Metallic Sweater • Long Sleeve Sweater • Size Large

Vintage Orange Maxi Dress • Red, Pink, and Orange Dress Quilted Dress • Size Medium

Vintage Rabbit Fur Hat • Brooks Brothers Natural Rabbit Fur Hat • Made in France

Vintage Maxi Dress • Orange Dress with Sheer Sparkly Skirt • Size Small / Medium

Vintage Pink Disco Dress • Vintage Maxi Dress • Size Small / Medium

Hiiiii guyyyyys! Did you miss me? I missed you. And also this blog. I don't know where the last ten days have gone. Things have been crazy lately since like, November? I'm sure you all know what it's like. I'm back in action, though! I had to work yesterday (which was a bummer), so I got today off and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I've been up since 7AM. First lots of coffee was consumed, then the to-do list started getting attacked. I feel like I would need a thousand surprise days off to get everything that I want to do done, but for now I'll take just this one. I'm hoping to get everything important done this morning so I can enjoy this weather for a little bit this afternoon. Here's the new vintage at A Wild Tonic. More coming over the next few days!