Disclaimer: I love Madewell just as much as the next girl. While poking around the site recently, I realized that many items are similar to vintage items in my shop, especially that last pair of shoes! All the items in my shop are less expensive than Madewell, too. ;)

Top Row
1 • Vintage Taupe Sweater Oversize Fall Sweater Size Medium
2 • Vintage Silk Blouse • Sheer White Silk Blouse with Floral Design • Size Medium / Large
3 • Vintage Wool Sweater Autumn Fashion Mens Size Large
4 • Vintage Denim Vest • Men's Jean Vest
Bottom Row
5 • Vintage Grey Striped Dress • Size Medium / Large
6 • Vintage Pants • Sandy Brown Slacks • Pendleton • Size 4
7 • Vintage Black Heels with Scalloped Edge • Size 7
8 • Vintage Black Flats Lace Up Ballerina Style Size 7.5


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