Spring Essentials with Betabrand.

Spring Essentials with Betabrand.
Spring Essentials with Betabrand.

Living in a shore town is proving to be quite a sartorial challenge so far. The weather can be so different here compared to my parents' house or my office. There's even a big difference between the coastline and my apartment four blocks inland! Once summer hits, it's just going to be hot all the time, and getting dressed will involve throwing a dress over a bathing suit. Since it's still spring and the temperature keeps fluctuating, I've developed a system to stay comfortable throughout the day with some transitional spring essentials.

Today I'm partnering with Betabrand to talk about these spring essentials. Betabrand is a company whose focus is on versatile and comfy clothes that make a statement both in the office and on the streets.

Admittedly, it's nothing truly groundbreaking, but my daily wardrobe (at least during the work-week) consists of a short-sleeve or 3/4-sleeve dress with leggings and moccasins. I also have a hooded sweater with pockets and a long shawl/scarf that I wear for the cooler mornings. By midday, if it starts to warm up, I can lose the leggings and sweater. If it starts to get windy or rainy, I can wrap the scarf around me like a shawl. Most of my pieces are neutral or similarly colored, so mixing and matching is easy and getting dressed in the morning is quick and painless.

Betabrand offers a line of women's pants that are great transitional pieces. Their office yoga pants are dressy enough to wear to the office, casual enough to wear out after work, and fall into my favorite category of clothing, "feels like pajamas/looks like a million bucks"! So great for making the transition between seasons!

Spring Essentials with Betabrand.


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