Now that the mad rush of the holiday season is over and the days are slowly starting to grow longer, my mind is firmly set on summertime. I know that winter is just beginning and we still have plenty of snow and wind and cold ahead of us, but a girl can hope, right? I long for days on the beach, fireworks, rum coconuts on the boardwalk, and quick dips in the ocean. Living four blocks from the shore is a pretty sweet deal. I feel like I didn't make the most of my first full summer in Asbury Park. I worked a lot and lazed about my apartment fairly often, as well. Not this year – mark my words. I will be on that beach or at least outside in the sunshine as much as humanly possible.

When I was younger, my family would go on vacation to Jamaica. The resort we stayed at had all these crazy fun water activities. My mom used to "force" us to play, even though my sister and I would much rather have napped under a palm tree ("You can sleep at home!" she'd yell.) This place had giant tricycles and a floating trampoline! And I'd rather nap! That was the first thing I thought of when I found out about Inflatable Zone. Inflatable Zone has a large selection of absolutely unreal inflatable fun. Everything from bubble soccer to inflatable water slides – it's all here.

These inflatable amusement parks really make me want a big backyard. Could you imagine how much fun something like this would be for a Fourth of July barbecue? Love the palm trees and the Disney style ones, too! Back in the day, my college would have these kinds of things set up for various spring and fall events, and I was always too cool to play. Definitely regretting it now.

The inflatable zone - inflatable bubble ball is probably the last thing I would normally choose to participate in. I don't know if it's the people having so much fun in the promotional photos or the fact that I'm itching to NOT be cold for one second, but I would romp around in these bubble balls in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

And how cool are these inflatable water slides? Again, I love the one with the little palm trees, so tropical! Inflatable Zone also offers a giant firetruck, Anna and Elsa, and of course the more utilitarian styles for those of us looking strictly for the thrills without bells and whistles.


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  1. To use a water ball, you open up a zipper to get inside, and then you inflate it and close the zipper. It really is similar to a huge hamster ball where you have to drive it forward by walking or jogging. It isn't as easy as it might seem, and you'll probably get a significant workout. Rocky Huynh


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