Minimalism Tips • Minimalist Holiday Gifts (A Few Last-Minute Holiday Gifts, Too!)

Being a minimalist during the holiday season sure isn't easy, but it certainly doesn't have to be hard. I really truly love gift-giving, so much more than gift-receiving, so I couldn't just NOT give presents to my family and friends, right? While shopping this year, I compiled a list of minimalist holiday gifts, which would work really well as last-minute gifts too, for the procrastinators in the room. Here are some ideas:

EXPERIENCES - movie tickets, concert tickets, restaurant gift cards, zoo membership, sporting event tickets (Let's go Rangers!), free babysitting for a couple or single parent who needs a date or simply a break, Groupon Getaways, museum memberships, spa or salon gift certificates, rock climbing, and so much more!!

GIFT CARDS - for practical places like Starbucks/Dunkin or the Container Store - places where you know the recipient will be spending money already.

SCRATCH-OFFS/CASH DISPLAYS - winning a scratch-off lottery ticket is one of life's greatest joys, isn't it?

SOMETHING~OF-THE-MONTH CLUB (this one is my new favorite) - HelloFresh/Hellofresh Wine, Simply Earth Recipe Box (as raved about here), coffee of the month, the list goes on forever. Don't believe me? Google "of the month club" and see for yourself..

SUBCRIPTIONS - Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Audible, etc. What better gift for the long cold winter than practically-unlimited entertainment?

CONSUMABLES - food, wine or other alcohol, cigars, candles, essential oils, seeds/plants/bulbs for a garden, tea, baked goods.

SERVICES - date night, baby sitting (as mentioned above), yard work (can pair well with the gardening suggestion above).

OTHER RANDOM IDEAS - you could DIY or hand-make a gift (jewelry, decor, really the possibilities are infinite), personalized greeting cards or thank-you notes, an annual ornament (my sister and I do this for our mom!), a gift basket combining some of the above, DIY holiday decorations (also did this for my mom last year!)

DONATING - finally you could choose to donate to a worthy cause or charity in someone's name. Helping others while still being thoughtful and maintaining your minimalist goals. It's a win-win-win!

Let me know how you're celebrating the holiday season while living minimally! Do you have any other suggestions for minimalist gifts? Please share. 🎁