Reseller Tips 2 • Brain Dump

No lie, I’ve been making lists my entire life. Ask my mom; I swear it’s true. Even before I actually knew letters or words, I would carry around a tiny spiral notebook and just scribble. It’s become a very long-running joke in my family that given the opportunity, Lauren will make a list in the blink of an eye.

But I swear by it. Sometimes my brain is going a hundred miles a minute and I’m overwhelmed with every random thought. A brain dump helps 100% of the time. Here’s my process:

- Sit down, maybe with a coffee, definitely with a piece of paper, maybe with my planner.
- Simply write down whatever comes to mind.
- Examples: shower, watch Arrested Development season 5, bike 30 minutes a day, buy anniversary gifts, wash and put away dishes, text a friend, take a walk, send offers to likers, oil change, update budget. Hell, sometimes I literally write “relax”!
- Once the brain is clear, we analyze.
- I number the tasks by importance, urgency, and ease. Example: oil change is urgent because my car will die.
- I also will delete, delegate, or postpone. Examples: maybe my boyfriend can get my oil changed for me, or since I’m not driving a lot lately, it can wait til next week.
- I will batch tasks as well. Example: biking for 30 minutes while sharing and sending offers to likers on Poshmark. Two birds, one stone, one horrible expression.
- I also consider something I learned in elementary school. Do the homework you have the hardest time with first, and work your way to the easiest. I do the same with tasks to this day.
- As the items get checked off, I feel a sense of accomplishment that inspires me to keep going. If I don’t get it all done, it gets moved to the next day or week’s list.
- The end.

Do you brain dump? Similar to this or differently? Let me know; I’m always trying to improve my list-making. 😉🗒