Reseller Tips 8 • Be Kind to the Postal Workers

Reseller Tips 8 • Be Kind to the Postal Workers
We all know the feeling of rushing to the post office just to be slapped in the face with a long line or a seemingly rude employee and other frustrated customers, right? It’s stuffy in there and everyone is in a bad mood, and the lighting makes everything seem grey, and you can’t wait to send off your mail and get the heck out of there.

I’d suggest you switch your mindset when in these scenarios, but better yet: don’t get into these scenarios in the first place! Allow me to explain.

Whether for reselling or just for your personal life, I highly recommend getting a scale (read more about that here). You can print mailing labels yourself, either through your reselling site of choice, PayPal, or USPS online.

Then you can either schedule a pickup from USPS from your house, or drop it off at the Post Office without waiting on line!

Also, keep in mind that the people out delivering the mail or sitting behind that counter work HARD for us, and freaking especially hard this past year with the pandemic, election, and crazy holiday season. They are people like you and me, dealing with hundreds of customers per day. Sure mistakes happen, packages get lost, and people can be rude. But if you switch your mindset, go into the post office with a smile (behind your mask), play a game or text a friend while you wait, and you and the worker will be happier for it!