Reseller Tips 6 • Triple Check Everything You Source

It happens to the best of us. You see something SO COOL at a thrift shop. It’s perfect. You must find it a new home! Oh and it happens to be 50% off that day? Even better. The high you’re experiencing rushes over you, you toss it in your cart, you pay, you go home.

You realize it’s damaged. Insert the Law and Order SVU -dun dun- sound here.

Of course I’m being over dramatic. But isn’t it a terrible feeling to bring home an adorable ‘50s dress to realize her belt loops are stretched from here to the Mississippi River? 🀦🏻‍♀️

I personally will still list items with damage. I fully believe in keeping things out of landfills, and just because a button is mismatched, doesn’t mean the garment isn’t still gorgeous and wearable. I mention any and all visible damage in my listings, though. Buyers should ALWAYS be made aware of flaws. Sometimes I worry that the buyer won’t read the listing and will be unhappy, but no one has ever told me perhaps I worry for no reason (What? Me? No?)...

However, my advice to you is to check, double check, and triple check all your items. Even if it isn’t the end of the world to sell a damaged item, you’ll be more excited to list it, the buyer will be more excited to buy it, and you can sell it for more money if it’s in good condition.

Things to check on clothing: buttons, hems, armpits, the aforementioned belt loops, ZIPPERS. For hard goods, check all over. Run your finger/fingernails over the surface for chips or cracks. Make sure the price tag isn’t going to peel off any paint!

Don’t let excitement cause you to waste your time and money, my friends. Happy hunting! πŸ•΅πŸ»‍♀️