076. friday update!

Hello, all. Happy Friday!

First off: I'm featured on a blog! It's my first official feature so I'm totally excited. Check out the interview here at Heavenly Savings. If anyone else is interested in featuring my blog/shop or a cross-feature, leave a comment and we'll chat! And make sure to check out Heavenly Savings!

In other news, I've been keeping up with my April resolutions quite well (better than any other month, I'd say). I've worn my retainer almost every night and have been wearing those gross white strips--all in the name of dental beauty. Also, I've been coming into work a bit early every day, and today I get to leave at 3:45! HOOOORAY!

I also have listed one item per day in my Etsy vintage shop. Here are some cool pieces:

Vintage 1976 Sea World Brown Glass Jar Mug

 Vintage Etienne Aigner Burgundy Multi-Pocket Shoulder Bag

Vintage Rangoni White Leather Gold-Studded Heels

Speaking of vintage, I bought a vintage dress from TwitchVintage last night. I'm a big fan of TwitchVintage and Robyn, who runs it. I can't wait to get the dress and I really hope it fits!


And finally, my family is going to Florida in May! My uncle has a house in Redington Beach, so my parents, sister, and our boyfriends are going down for a week. The "kids" are also going to take a mini-trip to Disney World for two days. It should be ultra-fun and ultra-relaxing. I cannot wait.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)


  1. Yay for keeping up with your resolutions! You are going to look fantastic in that dress. I'm really excited to send it to you.

  2. That's a pretty cute dress! You should post pictures once you receive it.


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