072. april new month's resolutions.

So I realized today was the first of the month (rabbit rabbit), which means a NMR post. Then it hit me--I never wrapped up February or posted a March entry. What a dummy. To make up for it, April's are going to be real good.

For February, I picked three resolutions:
  1. to drink one glass of milk per day,
  2. to practice violin for 15 minutes, twice a week,
  3. and to sort through all of my clothing and accessories to find what I need and sell what I don't at my Electronic Yard Sale.
How I fared:
  1. I was sick at the beginning of the month, and milk wasn't working well with my insides, so that failed. I did, however take Vitamin C once a day, so that's comprable in a way.
  2. I didn't even take my violin out of its case. I failed number 2 completely.
  3. My Electronic Yard Sale has been put on the back burner since my Etsy shop has gotten more serious.

All in all, February was a giant bomb. March was okay.

Though April is now upon us! And I have a few Resolutions:
  • Wear white strips on my teeth every day until I run out of them.
  • Wear my retainer every night and hope it straightens my teeth back to the way they were after four whole years of braces.
  • List one item per day in my Etsy vintage shop.
  • Go to work a bit early every day so I can leave early on Fridays.
As you can see, there's a dental trend and a vintage trend. I have good feelings for this month. After one day, I already accomplished all four. Hooray!


  1. I didn't know you could play the violin. I find that sort of skill very impressive, as I have no musical talent at all. Etsy/ebay shops take a ton of work. Good for you for taking it so seriously. So many shop owners don't take the time necessary to really get things going. Looks like you are doing well. Also, good luck with the white strips, they make my teeth hurt.

  2. Thank you, Robyn! You are awesome, and definitely a big inspiration to me. :)

    Also, I don't actually play violin. I'm trying to teach myself but I "can never find the time." Haha!


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