080. friday update

Heyyy guys. Happy Friday! Anyone else really ready for the weekend? I don't even have any big plans, I could just use a break. I don't know if I mentioned in my Twitter, but I got a small promotion-ish thing at work. I'm excited, except my new computer doesn't have internet access and I am a lot more busy than normal. So, if it takes me longer than usual to respond to an email, or Tweet, or blog, please forgive me.

I am, however, getting out of work an hour early today, so I'll be shooting vintage this afternoon if the weather holds up. I'll post an Etsy preview here before I start listing 'em. P.S. My Spring Fling Sale ends today!

And before I go..For those of you who don't know, I've become (embarrassingly?) obsessed with Disney World lately. I'll be there May 19th-20th and I've been researching and reading about it constantly. #nerdalert Fellow nerds, check this out.

I found this on a random tumblr last night (lost the link!) and I think some of these are spot-on! I love reading about Disney princesses and gender roles and how none of them have mothers and all that good stuff, so I think this is wicked cool.

Aaanyway, gotta run to work. TGIF.

OH and don't forget! My first-ever giveaway ends today at noon! Click here for more info!