130. grungy pennsylvania.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took off from work yesterday to go adventuring with my boyfriend. He just got a job in Riegelsville, Pennsylvania (right across the NJ border), so we took a drive to check out the area. The day started out with some Dunkin coffee and sunny skies. We stopped at a post office to ship out some items from my shop, then found a cool area by the river to take some shots.



I'm wearing a the Vintage CLUELESS Floral Grunge Dress from my shop, leather shoes that I got brand new at a yard sale earlier this summer, a purse that I got at a yard sale last summer, some old shades I found in my closet, and the TINY CUBE necklace from Jean Jean Vintage.




After exploring the riverside, we drove to Bethlehem, PA to drop some clothes off at The Attic and eat lunch at Brew Works. We shared the beer sampler, which included Biere De Pharaoh:
Biere De Pharaoh has an amazing 13.8% A.B.V.! The strongest beer ever at the Brew Works. Biere de Pharaoh is only available at the Bethlehem Brew Works. Brewed with 660 lbs. of locally produced orange blossom honey in homage to the ancient Egyptians, who were the first brewers. Reaching out across time to give us a beer that is sweet and thick with a deep honey color.
YUM. After stuffing our faces, it was raining pretty heavily, so we headed back home. All in all, it was an awesome day of playin' hooky.



By the way, this was my first time "modeling" for the shop. I felt really nerdy and really cool simultaneously. Try not to laugh too hard! :)


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