145. birthday birthday birthday!

Tomorrow (or today, depending on when I get around to posting this), September 15th, I turn 24 years old - hooray! I'll be celebrating at work all day! D:

But after work, I'll be having a Thai feast with my family, boyfriend, and best friend! After that, we're going to a bar in New Brunswick that gives you a free bottle of champagne on your birthday. Awesome, huh?

Read on for some birthday-related photos and info about a sweet birthday sale!

I wish this was my cake when I was six, because it would've been SO fitting.

Bears and dinos gotta party, too!

And to celebrate my birthday, I'll be having a sale in my shop! 50% off all items from now until midnight on Wednesday (9/15) evening. Just say "Happy Birthday, Lauren!" in the note to seller!

all images via we heart it.


  1. Happy Belated birthday! I hope that free bottle of champagne was awesome :). I love the pics you posted - especially that camera cake!! But I would settle for the Nutella :)


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