138. upper black eddy fair.

My boyfriend just got a new job that started out in Riegelsville, PA, but ended up in Milford, NJ. The area around both of those towns is just so lovely, as is most of the Delaware Valley region. This past weekend, the boy took me to the Upper Black Eddy fair, which was quaint and adorable and had a "beer garden." The food was delicious and cheap (pierogies!), and the folks were friendly. We spent six dollars trying to pop a balloon with a dart so I could win a Native American feather hair clip (we failed), then bought some raffle tickets and listened to a high school cover band. Fun night!

Modeling these shoes from my shop. The lighting was very weird so some of these photos came out wicked blurry.

We pulled over in this strange rocky field area. I was certain we were going to be attacked by cannibals at any moment, but we survived.

Sittin' on a log on the side of the road. Also, wearing this scarf from the shop!

This Kate Spade bag was my birthday present to myself. My birthday is September 15th, by the way. ;)

To the fair!

More of the shoes. They are SO comfortable. If you're a size 7, I suggest you check these out ASAP.

The view from the "beer garden."


  1. lovely new blog look! glad the boys from Deliverance didn't get you in that rocky field area.

  2. Hahah! We actually talked about "Deliverance" when we were there! Also, thank you. :)

  3. Who knew one would be at risk of cannibal attack in NJ? LOL! Great post!

  4. Umm you look freaking adorable in that pic. Love that scarf!

  5. U are too cute! Just found those shoes on your Etsy page, they are rad girl! I may have to impulse buy!

  6. Thank you, ma'am! :)

    I hope you impulse buy; these shoes are amazing. I'd be a little bit sad though, because then I can't wear them anymore. Haha!


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