all the rain on that morning was so shiny and boring.

What a dreary day today was! Personally, I love snow and I really love rain, but I believe they shouldn't be mixed. Ever. I spent the day cleaning up, listing in the shop, and watching "Dexter." The show is set in Miami, so I'm pretending I'm there. In reality, I'm in snowy New Jersey. What's the weather like in your 'hood?




I experimented with outfit shots in this part of my yard, but I'm not a huge fan. I'll have to change it up next time. I'm wearing three items from the shop: the Vintage FOREST GREEN Plaid Patterned Coat, the Vintage TEAL SHIMMER Strapless Silk Cocktail Dress with Pockets, and the Vintage WARM BROWN Leather Oxford Ankle Booties.




  1. It was raining and snowing today over here too. At the same time. I love the color of your dress!

  2. love those ankle booties. so. sweet! Also love Dexter, can't wait for the newest season, am always one behind, no TV!


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