valentine's day inspiration..

The boy and I are itching to go away somewhere remote and quiet for Valentine's Day weekend. I suggested a lakeside cabin or hotel, but we're having such difficulty finding a decent, not-ridiculously-expensive, and open place to go in February. Anyone know of any good places within 5-ish hours (driving distance) from New Jersey? I filled this post with pictures of my ideal mini-vacation spot. A girl can dream, right? We're probably going to end up in a "The Shining"-esque situation, though. Who am I kidding?

P.S. Hi there to all my new followers. Don't be shy, now! :)

(all images via weheartit.)


  1. girl, you're right next door to beautiful pennsylvania, i'm sure they've got something that looks like this. how far away is virginia? that's what most of these look like to me.

  2. W. Virginia also has some lovely camping sites...John and I are big fans of just picking a random, reasonably priced State Park cabin to hole up at for a weekend,& bringing food and cooking meals together.

  3. Oh la la! How romantic. Why don't you try the Lake George area NYC.Maybe some inns in Long Island. Your so lucky I wanna go on a nice vacation too.


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