wishful winter thinking.

September 13th

This is a pretty everyday outfit for me--I'm a total jeans-and-a-tee kind of girl. I bought this cardigan covered in winter scenes at a thrift store in Trenton for $2.99 and was so stoked! Then, when I get it home, I realize that it's full of tiny holes. C'mon, Lauren! Oh well!

tank: old navy | cardigan: thrifted j. crew | jeans: gap
earrings: claire's | glasses: bebe | shoes: beacon's closet

September 13th

September 13th

September 13th


  1. one of my favorite sweaters has a huge hole in it. i think it adds some character. and probably makes me look homeless. but either way, a few holes have never stopped me from snagging a print this great.


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