guest post: "things i like" from julie at restless hearts!

Hey, folks! As you may have heard, I'm on a spontaneous trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire this weekend! I have a few lovely ladies filling in with "things i like" guest posts. First up is Julie! Thanks so much for helping out, m'lady! :)

While Lauren is basking away her weekend in New Hampshire, I'm filling in for her!  My name is Julie and I represent one half of the blog Yonder which you can find here.  I also run two etsy shops here and here.  Today, I wanted to share with you a few things I've been enjoying lately!

bike rides before sunset

this awesome face mask! the turmeric turns your face orange-y!

mad men!  my boyfriend Justin and I just started watching it not too long ago and I'm hooked!!  That Don Draper!

getting back into my what I wore posts.  I've been on a sort of hiatus for a while.  

enjoying the harvest from our backyard garden!  

giggling along with this lady's vlogs and wishing I could do one...but alas I don't have a webcam!

wishing I was in any one of the beautiful photos on this blog.

getting back into making things for my shop restless hearts.  I've been stocking the shop full of new heart garlands

enjoying the last lazy days of summer with Little Cat.  

I hope you have all had an amazing summer!!  Stop by Yonder and say hello sometime!