an update + music monday: Sam Cooke - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Hey guys! Yet another week went by in which I was very lazy with my blog. I'm the worst. Well, I was the worst. Not anymore!

Today marks the start of a whole new era for A Wild Tonic. There is a lot of exciting news (some which I can't share yet) and a lot of cool new content coming to the blog in the upcoming weeks. I'm talking DIYs, recipes, actual daily outfit posts (not just once-or-twice-a-month outfit posts), inspiring images, music, art, movies, fun, and more! Of course, I'll still maintain the overlying vintage theme since that is what I do and what I love so much.

Definitely keep the comments coming! Your comments and feedback are of utmost importance to me, truly. And tell your friends! ;)


  1. hmm.....does your exciting news have anything to the brick and mortar shop inspiration board you have going on pinterest...?! :)


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