solid gold.

Tuesday night, I met up with Frank in one of my favorite places, Downtown Somerville. We walked around and talked a bit about my future plans. Frank is really helpful and totally boosts my confidence when I talk to him about business things. We stopped to snap a Polaroid of my outfit on this awesome, new gold film from the Impossible Project. I'm obsessed with this film and I have to buy more before it sells out (The Impossible Project isn't paying me to say this, by the way, it's just that good). After that, we went and grabbed a few drinks at one of the bars on Main Street. Then we went back to Frank's and had some snacks (whole wheat toast, melted Swiss, turkey, and hummus), a Yuengling, and a cigar before bed. Classy! If you follow me on Twitter, I mentioned an awesome giveaway coming to the blog tomorrow. Take this post as a hint... ;)

Solid Gold - Daily Outfit - Impossible Project

sweater: (vintage?) Ralph Lauren via Goodwill | jeans: Gap | shoes: Payless | purse: Forever 21

Solid Gold - Daily Outfit - Impossible Project

Solid Gold - Daily Outfit - Impossible Project


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