how-to • five tips for excellent customer service on etsy.

Running an Etsy shop and working at my internship have taught me a lot about customer service. Today I have a few tips to share with you, whether you're just starting a shop or just need a customer service refresher...

5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service on Etsy
1. Make sure your listings are accurate and clear. This could prove to be a tedious task, but it will save you from trouble in the long run.

5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service on Etsy
2. Respond to convos, tweets, emails, and whatever else as soon as you possibly can. If you can't actually answer the question for some reason, respond anyway. Sometimes if a prospective buyer has a question about a shipping estimate, I reply with something like,"Thank you so much for your interest in my shop! I will get you an estimate by 5 PM this evening. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime." Even if the prospective buyer has to wait longer for an actual answer, they'll appreciate your courtesy.

5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service on Etsy
3. Ship your items quickly and carefully. Anyone who's ordered something online knows--if you're excited about receiving something, the days you have to wait feel like forever. Am I right? Don't make your buyers suffer through that kind of agony! Package the order quickly. While you're at it, make sure the item is properly packed. Bubble wrap is your friend if the item is fragile. No one likes receiving a broken item. Believe me, it's happened twice to my buyers and it sucks for all parties.

5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service on Etsy
4. Offer coupons for returning customers. Who doesn't love coupons?

5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service on Etsy
5. Leave feedback. Let your buyers know that you're thankful for their business. You want them to do the same for you, right?

What are your most excellent customer service tips? Did I forget anything?


  1. Etsy is a great platform for thriving entrepreneurs. Business owners must always bear in mind that customers are what keep their business going. Yes, replying by all means matter a lot to customers, and handing out coupons can make your Etsy shop flourish.

    -Noreen Clay

  2. Utilizing such platform for your business should come with a friendly approach to captivate a wider scale of clients. I can see that you won’t have any problem in applying these pointers. Just keep in mind that quality customer service will lead to success. I wish you best of luck on running your own shop. =)

    Hugh Pascarella

  3. Practicing good customer service can come as a challenge, especially when running an online store. The least one can do is reply promptly and politely while making sure that your customers get the quality products which are rightfully theirs. With good customer service, there is a great chance that customers will line up for your goods and services.

    -Sonia Roody


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