music monday: The Moody Blues - "Lovely To See You"

Hey, friends! What a crazy week it's been. The last few days have been full of late nights, full days at the internship, early mornings, and a very small focus on A Wild Tonic. Last night, Frank came over for dinner and to watch a movie. We put on "Ghostbusters" after we ate and both of us fell asleep. Ha! He left just in time for me to watch "Mad Men," and after that I decided that Monday morning would be a perfect fresh start for shop/blog work. I woke up this morning at ten and took an hour-long nap at eleven. So much for productivity and "a perfect fresh start," eh? Oh, well! I'm not beating myself up over it. Fortunately for me, the internship is slow today so I'll have plenty of time to organize my thoughts and make lists of things that I can get done later today or tomorrow or whenever. On Friday morning, I went to a flea market and bought a Moody Blues album for fifty cents and can't stop listening. They'll be my soundtrack for all the list-making today! What are your plans for this fine Monday?