August 3rd Daily Outfit - Melting Hearts

My dear friend Amy Morby introduced me to, and boy am I glad she did. When she visited in May, she told me about Coastal's "First Pair Free" program, in which you can get a pair of glasses (frames and lenses) for just the cost of shipping. I've been interested in a new pair of glasses for a while, so this was a perfect opportunity. I went to the site, read all about the "First Pair Free" program, and browsed through the selection of glasses. I decided on this pair, Derek Cardigan 7004 Brown Tortoiseshell. I had recently gone to the eye doctor for a fresh prescription, so I entered in all my information, paid for shipping, and eagerly awaited my new specs. Unfortunately, I mis-measured my pupilary distance (word to the wise: have someone help you), so my new glasses made my vision like what I imagine being in a fishbowl to be like. I called up Coastal and they told me that they would let me exchange them for free! They sent me a mailing label, I mailed the first pair back, and they sent the new pair a few days later. Incredible customer service, don't you think? Also, the folks that run the Coastal Twitter and Instagram accounts are so fun (and funny) and are great to chat with. After re-reading this post, it seems like such an infomercial, but I really felt like I had to share how great this company really is. Disclaimer: Though I'm not officially sponsored by Coastal, my glasses were free and if you click on my referral link, I might be rewarded for any purchases made. If you'd rather not use my link, just go straight to Thanks! :)

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