In the Greenhouse.

In the Greenhouse.
In the Greenhouse.
In the Greenhouse.
In the Greenhouse.

I wore this outfit to Duke Farms last weekend, and I think it was only somewhat misguided. I wanted to wear a floral print since we'd be in greenhouses surrounded by flowers, but I didn't realize so much of the day would involve walking around outdoors. I was a little cold and my shoes weren't exactly appropriate, but you know. Suffer for fashion or whatever.

In other news, I announced the winner of the "Getting Organized in 2013!" giveaway! I want to thank you all for entering, and give a warm welcome to my new readers. :) I had so much fun reading through all your comments about your resolutions! Click over to the giveaway post to see if you've won.

dress: vintage, in the shop
glasses: Derek Cardigan via
flats: Lulu's
purse: vintage Coach


  1. That greenhouse is gorgeous. I would have dressed similarly to you... you have to go floral in a situation like that! Sucky that it was a bit chilly and your shoe choice wasn't quite right, but at least you looked adorable. Next time throw some tights and a cardigan in your bag! Then you've got yourself covered for anything. :)

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I'm glad I'm not alone in my crazy thought process. At least next time I'll be better prepared. :)


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