My Mom and "Something to Open!"

At Christmastime, my mom has always loved giving actual, physical gifts. Even if my present for the year was new tires for my car, she would have something else for me "to open!" I love this about her. Sure, getting a gift card is nice, but it's extra-nice to get a gift card plus a little something extra. She thinks it makes gift-giving more personal, and I agree!

This year, she gave me an awesome Vera Bradley clutch, the Carry It All Wristlet in Mocha Rouge, (similar). The pattern is so fun and bright. I love it because it's a wallet and a phone holder, so it's perfect for quick trips to the farmers market or yard sales, or really any time you don't need a big bag weighing you down. I think it will work really well at Great Adventure this summer. Thanks, Mom! ♥