What's Going on Around Here.

What's Going on Around Here.

What's going on around here? Well let's see.

• First of all, "Game of Thrones" right? Sorry if you're sick of hearing about it, but last Sunday's episode was incredible. I told myself that I'd start reading the books once season 3 finished airing, but that was a lie. I started book one a few weeks ago. The events of Sunday's episode were spoiled for me thanks to a book-reading friend on Twitter, but it was still crazy to watch. I cannot wait to catch up with the novels, though I'm still not sure if I'll read past where the show is or not. /nerdery

• Frank's band (Pharaoh blog + listen; thanks, Chloe/Lazy Explorers for asking!) is touring Canada next weekend! I'm so excited for/jealous of him, but I'm also going to miss him a lot. We spent a lot of time together last weekend to make up for next, and unfortunately shop and blog work suffered. Time to get back to that, eh?

• Yes, back to shop work. Pictured above is a box of vintage linens ready to be listed and my helpful assistant Jack. Pictured below is a fantastic basket purse that I found in almost perfect condition (the inside is a bit dirty). Time to clean her up and get her in the shop in time for summer.

What's Going on Around Here.


  1. What is his band called? I wanna check them out :)

    1. Thanks for asking, Chloe! They are called Pharaoh and I just added a link in the post. :)


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