One of my advertisers this month is WSDear, an online clothing store stuffed to the gills with tons of trendy pieces. Looking for cute summer dresses? Look no further. My favorite at the moment is the 90s-style polka dot dress. A trend I fully approve of but rarely wear for whatever reason is the romper. Though my favorite type of outfit is one that feels like pajamas but is decent enough to wear in public. Comfort über alles. When printed/elastic-waist pants came back into style a few years ago, my icy heart started beating again. These emoji joggers fit the bill and are absolutely amazing. The 100s are the best, in my humble opinion. The selection of bathing suits at WSDear is pretty cool, too. The crocheted style isn't one I'd normally gravitate to, but I think I'm starting to be swayed. So pretty! But what about tan lines? And of course, there's few things I love more than a good bargain, so the under $9.99 sale section is right up my alley.


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