In a little less than two weeks, I'll be boarding a flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I first visited Belfast about a year ago and I freaking loved it. My dear friend Adam lives there, and after years of him telling me to visit, I finally caved. I thought Northern Ireland was just a bunch of fields and trees, and while it is quite a verdant country, I spent most of my time there in the city capital, Belfast. Adam and his girlfriend and all their friends took such good care of this American lass, when I boarded my flight home I felt like it was the last day of camp. I even got a tattoo of the famous Samson and Goliath cranes! Belfast is a small and friendly city, with lots to do and see. I can't wait to see more of Belfast and NI in a few short days! Here are some of my favorites from last year. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

DUKE OF YORK: 7-11 Commercial Court
Super-fun and pretty-crowded bar with lots of outdoor alley space. I had my first half-cider (of many) and kept repeating that it reminded me of EPCOT. #american

ST. GEORGE'S MARKET: 12-20 East Bridge Street
Indoor market with tons of vendors and lots of food and drinks. Try a bap!

If you're an uneducated heathen like I am, you might not know much about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Take a tour and learn some stuff.

THE MERCHANT HOTEL: 16 Skipper Street
Fancy hotel with a fancy lounge. I foolishly ordered a whiskey ginger ale before seeing their large selection of beautiful cocktails.

MCHUGH'S BAR: 29-31 Queen's Square
We went to McHugh's a few times and all of them were fun. Mega-drunk dance party one night, casual beer one (late) morning, food and cocktails with a friend one afternoon. Good times!

HOME RESTAURANT: 22 Wellington Place
Delicious and cozy.

THE SPANIARD: 3 Skipper Street
The night we went there was a great DJ who played the Pixies for us. Try a Dark and Stormy or two or three!

Beautiful gardens and greenhouses. Perfect for a long afternoon.

Located right near the Botanic Gardens! We saw an exhibit about the Troubles and it was truly moving.

COPPI: Saint Anne's Square
Their appetizer called "Feta Fritters" will undoubtedly change your life for the better. Tasty drinks and attentive staff, too!

THE CROWN LIQUOR SALOON: 46 Great Victoria Street
Historic and gorgeous. Stop in for a Guinness and some great Instagram fodder. ;)

MAGGIE MAYS: 2 Malone Road
Perfect for hungover brunch. So delicious, with large portions. Try a boozy milkshake.

ALLEY CAT: 46 Church Lane
I had my second boozy milkshake of the day here once. We need more of that in New Jersey.


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