How to Unsubscribe from Paper Mail + an email template!

How to Unsubscribe from Paper Mail + an email template!

After I started my monthly charity donations, I noticed I was getting a lot of paper mail from those charities and other organizations. I don't mind "junk mail" because I have a pretty good system of quickly recycling everything. However, I kept thinking that these organizations could better spend their money if they weren't sending me mail I was immediately throwing out. So I created a template to email and request to opt-out.

It's so easy. Either check the mail for an email address or simply google it. Then email the following: 

Subject: Opt-out from Mailing List Request

Hello there,

I'm requesting to opt-out of paper mail deliveries for the following address:

FirstName LastName
City, State Zip

Please let me know if you are able to do this, or please forward me to someone who can assist with this. Thank you so much!

Your Name

You should hear back from them within a few days, and stop receiving mail within a few weeks! :)