Reseller Tips 23 • Stop Scrolling

Reseller Tips 23 • Stop Scrolling

Of all the tips I’ve ever given, this one might be the one I struggle with the most. Here’s Lauren, having a super fun and productive morning. Here she is checking her phone while she eats lunch. Here she is three hours later, laying on the couch watching Instagram reels. Wait what how why??

Don’t get me wrong, we live in a world in which our phones are almost a necessity, and what a valuable resource! Everything at our fingertips!

But when you’re mindlessly scrolling, or doom scrolling, or simply wasting precious time on your phone, you need to put it down and walk away. And I know that’s easier said than done (especially during a pandemic) but it is doable.

Some tips:
- Just put it down and walk away
- Put it on airplane mode or do not disturb
- Set up the built in feature of monitoring your time on social media or other apps
- Download an app that shuts it down for you
- Film yourself working as a time-lapse (if you're recording with it, you won't keep checking it)
- Set a timer or reminder for allotted scrolling time, and when it goes off, ya done!

Hope you put your phone down after reading this, my friends! Go take a walk or something! 😉