Reseller Tips 24 • Thrift with a Friend

Reseller Tips 24 • Thrift with a Friend

Thrifting by yourself is great. It gives you an opportunity to wander and get your steps in, score some awesome items, have alone time (even if you're in public), listen to audiobooks or podcasts, and shop without worrying about someone else. But thrifting with a friend is such a fun way to switch things up!

I like thrifting with my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and my friends when they have time; and here’s why! You have a buddy with you to make jokes with or point out funny or interesting things you find. Sometimes when I thrift alone, I’ll text funny items to people, but it’s not the same as holding up a hilarious t-shirt and having a giggle.

It’s also great to have a second set of eyes. Your friend might spot something you missed!

I like taking my boyfriend with me because he’s a little more picky than I am, and he’ll be honest with me if I want to buy something and it’s a little ridiculous. He helps me keep my tab low. 😂

Do you ever thrift with someone else or are you a lone wolf?