Prom ↣ Wedding with Milly Bridal


One of my sponsors this month is Milly Bridal, a dress shop featuring tons of lovely dresses for all occasions. Today I'm going to chat a bit about proms and weddings, as a lady who's right in the middle of both.

My prom dress was bought two years early at a store called "Value City" for less than $20. My mom and I agreed that for twenty bucks it would be a good fallback in case I never found anything I liked better. Prom didn't mean that much to me since I was one of those jaded punk kids, so I went with the fallback. It was baby blue and fairly simple, and amazingly timeless (in the sense that I don't look at the photos now, eleven years later, and want to crawl in a hole).

The two prom dresses above are my favorites. The one on the left is so unique and reminds me of the "Mandy" breakaway dress from "White Christmas". I think it's pretty and flirty, without being too revealing, and I love the floral details. The dress on the right is just adorable. It reminds me a bit of my own dress, except it's pink instead of blue. It's simple, and also fairly timeless.

I've never been the type to fantasize about weddings, but I do fantasize about dresses! If/when I get married, I know my dress will be delicate, vintage or vintage-inspired, and definitely not strapless. I love the straps on the first dress below and the sleeves on the second. Thanks for playing virtual dress-up with me!



ZeroUV Summer Wishlist

Womens Cute Eye Lash Fashion Oval Sunglasses 9385

Ever since I first learned of ZeroUV, I've been in awe of their amazing sunglasses. I've worn the two c/o pairs they sent me a few times on the blog (and a lot in real life, too). Every time I click over to the site, I want to buy at least 10 pairs. I made the mistake of clicking over to the site today and lo and behold I want to buy at least 10 pairs!

The shades above are my ultimate favorite at the moment. They remind me of a pair I just bought so I probably shouldn't order them. Really, how many pairs of eyelash-style sunglasses does one gal need? ;) (PS This post isn't sponsored or anything, I just love ZeroUV! They also have a great Snapchat that makes me miss California very badly on the reg.)

These are incredible. What a unique shape, sure to get lots of attention.
Womens Unique Heart Shape Half Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses 9616

This pair comes in a few different colors. Picking just one pair would be tough!
Eclectic Cute Pastel Pearl Color Half Frame Sunglasses 9430

These look like they could be a simple DIY. I actually have a pair of white heart plastic frames that I hardly ever wear. Perfect!
Cute Novelty Heart Shaped Sunglasses Adorned With Pearls 9592

Jane Jetson vibes.
Elegant Womens Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses With Flash Color Revo Lenses 9437

These are so groovy and perfect for summer. I love how they flip up!
Novelty Party Happy Smiley Face Cut Out Flip Up Sunglasses 9639

Another really interesting frame shape.
Unique Double Frame Square Womens Fashion Sunglasses 9417


WEARING • Easter 2015.

WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.
WEARING • Easter 2015.

I'm not religious, but Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. My mom cooked so much amazing food, and it was so nice to have the whole family together. Erica and I both ended up wearing really "Easter-y" kinds of outfits, so we took a ride to the park to take some outfit shots. Both my dress and her shawl are available in the shop now.

dress: A Wild Tonic Vintage
shoes: Lulu*s
purse: vintage via Goodwill
belt: borrowed from Erica
glasses: c/o Firmoo

shawl: A Wild Tonic Vintage
sweater: Loft
necklace: Francesca's
jeans: Gap
shoes: Forever 21


Back to MAC.

A Wild Tonic_Back to MAC 1
A Wild Tonic_Back to MAC 2
A Wild Tonic_Back to MAC 3
A Wild Tonic_Back to MAC 4
A Wild Tonic_Back to MAC 5

Have you guys heard about the "Back to MAC" program from MAC cosmetics? I had heard about it years ago, but never gave it a try until recently. Here's the deal, according to their website: "Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics online, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you."

I had a few eye shadows in my makeup collection, but I use eye shadow so infrequently! I really wanted a dark, Kendall Jenner-inspired lipstick though (don't judge me). So I took a trip to Dollar Tree and bought a pill case, transferred the eye shadows, and brought the empties to my local MAC retailer (I called ahead first to make sure they participated). The color I ended up with is Hangup in cremesheen, if anyone is interested. Also, the plate in the first photo is available in the shop here!


Layered Looks with ModCloth.

ModCloth Layered Style

Lately, I've been all about versatility in my wardrobe. I don't often shop for new clothes unless I know I can and will wear it multiple ways and on multiple occasions. Also, since I've started working part-time out of the house, I've been layering like crazy. I never know if work will be freezing cold or if I'll be dizzy and sweating from rushing around, so layering has become a kind of art form. I was so excited when ModCloth reached out to me and asked me to put together a little layered-look style board. I chose one tank top, one regular top, and one sweater that can be worn together or separately.

A Layer to Love Top in Beige, $14.99
A basic tank top is very important. I have tank tops (which I've been gathering since middle school) in almost every color imaginable. They are so great to wear alone, layered with other tanks, or layered with other tops. I wear a tank under my shirt almost every day I leave the house for work just to have that extra bit of warmth. Also, it's great to have a cami to wear under items that might be a bit sheer without being scandalous.

Graceful Air Top in Ivory, $44.99
I think this top is so pretty and so versatile. As I mentioned before, versatility is very important to me nowadays. This top can be worn to work, on a date, or out with friends. It's feminine and delicate, especially the pearl and rhinestone details, which I adore. Since the blouse has a cut-out detail at the top, you might feel more comfortable with a tank top underneath.

Budding Novelist Cardigan, $69.99
This was the first cardigan I saw on ModCloth while doing "research" for this post and I knew I had to use it. I love the color, the embroidery (!!!), and the asymmetrical hem. I also really appreciate the pockets and the hood. I think this cardigan can be worn all year round. I think I love it so much because of the heavy Stevie Nicks vibe. If this kind of cardigan isn't for you, you can check out more cardigans and sweaters at ModCloth.


Flash Sale at Wanderlust Print Co.

In an attempt to clear out some inventory and fund some upcoming travel, all ready-to-ship 5x7 prints at Wanderlust Print Co. are just $10 with free worldwide shipping! 8x10 prints and custom quotes are a bit more expensive, but also on sale. Let me know if you have any questions, and please spread the word if you can!


A New Collection.

Vintage state map scarves, because why not? I have a few collections in my life currently, for example owl-related things which are always being given to me as gifts for whatever reason. I have a few sets of antlers/horns and about five elephant figurines, but that's about it. I would expect more from a sentimental vintage enthusiast and daughter of two moderate-former-hoarders. Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of stuff, but not many collections. I've had this Florida scarf for a few years, and just found the Michigan one at Goodwill the other day. I think that this is an excellent idea for a collection for a few reasons. 1. There are only 50 states, so the collection won't get too huge. 2. Vintage scarves are generally cheap and don't take up too much space. 3. It'll give me something to hunt for when I thrift, which makes it extra fun. 4. I can always resell when I'm finished! What do you guys think? What do you collect? Oh, and if you have any state scarves floating around, I know someone who would love 'em. ;)

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