020. Ode to January.

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Ode to January

winterbranch(Photo: kalandrakas)

January is my favorite month of the year.

It’s not simply a matter of aesthetics—though I do appreciate the beauty of bare branches, snow-covered ground, and a monochromatic winter landscape.

The appeal, however, is more psychological than visual: after the excesses and over-stimulation of December, January is like a huge sigh of relief.

Where December is noise, January is silence. Where December is indulgence, January is restraint. Where December is crowded and chaotic, January is empty and serene.

Where December carries all the baggage of the previous year, January is a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to begin with a clean slate and a free spirit, a chance to eliminate unproductive endeavors and concentrate on new, more promising ones.

January provides me with renewed inspiration to live a minimalist lifestyle. In January, I buy less, eat less, and stress less than at any other time of the year. Instead of shopping, I avoid the stores and clean out my closets. Instead of dining out, I enjoy simple, healthy food at home. Instead of keeping a busy schedule, I relax, knowing I have a whole year ahead of me to accomplish my goals.

Where December is more, January is less. And to this minimalist, less is beautiful.


  1. What a beautiful post . . . January is usually a low month for me but after reading that I can now see it in a whole new light. :0)

  2. I agree completely. Very well written!


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