January new month's resolutions.

Instead of making resolutions for the New Year, which I find to be generally unattainable and unrealistic, I decided to make resolutions each month. I haven't made a breakdown of goals for each month yet. I think that the goals should be made at the end of the previous month so they can be relevant and accurate.

For January, I picked three resolutions:

  1. to actually use my new Moleskine planner,
  2. to teach myself to be ambidextrous,
  3. and to rewatch all 5 seasons of "Lost" before February 2nd.

So far (January 18th), I've done a great job with number 1. My planner is neat and organized and updated! I usually leave it in a drawer for a few weeks, then find it and get frustrated that some pages are blank. Then I buy a new one. So I have a bunch of half-used planners, which is a waste of money, trees, and space. Number 2 is a bit harder. I have a good grip on writing with my left hand, but it looks like a small child's handwriting. Must. keep. practicing. Completing resolution 3 seemed completely doable, until I realized I would be in Disney World for a week. Now I really need to try to squeeze in all the episodes. As of this morning, I'm two episodes away from the end of season 2. I need to watch about one season per week. Ah! I hope I can do it!