036. book (and other media) swapping.

Let's talk about book swapping. Has anyone heard of this or used these services besides me?

I don't even remember how I first came across BookMooch, but I started using it for a good while. I had a lot of books mooched from me at first, and honestly I was a bit upset that I was spending money to ship books out to strangers without getting anything in return. Greedy, I know. Eventually, I started mooching a few books back from people, and then I removed the remaining books from my inventory. BookMooch is a great site, but it didn't really fit my book-trading needs.

I used one of my favorite Google "tricks" to find some other sites to use instead of BookMooch. I Googled "bookmooch" and when the results came up, clicked "Similar" underneath the actual BookMooch listing. I found a ton of sites, and after browsing through all of them, I decided that I like SwapTree the most. SwapTree is so easy to use and has such a nice clean site design. Another great benefit of SwapTree is that it accepts swaps of books, DVDs, CDs, and video games. Personally, I'm only interested in getting books, but with SwapTree, I can trade DVDs that I never watch anymore for new books to add to my library (and Invisible Shelves)! According to "My Swaptree" account page, I saved $47 and decreased my carbon footprint by 63 pounds! Impressive, huh?

As a young woman on a quest for minimalism, I think these swapping websites are a good way to maintain a fresh book/DVD/etc. collection, while saving money and avoiding clutter. I think you should all check it out ASAP!