085. anniversary!

Yesterday was my boyfriend and my first anniversary. Last Cinco de Mayo we went to a mall-parking-lot-carnival (which was rained out) and Ruby Tuesday for our first official "date." To celebrate our anniversary yesterday, we did the same thing, only this time it didn't rain! Hooray. Some pictures:


Our tickets.

View from the Ferris Wheel.

My amazing new shoes that I bought at a yard sale in New Hope, PA. (Post coming soon!)

I bought my man a vintage leather jacket from MisterMoxie on Etsy. He bought me a purse pen from Tiffany. Good game, us.

Such an excellent evening. I was swooning the whole time. Side note: Ruby Tuesday is DELICIOUS for a chain restaurant. I pretty much ate myself sick.

Also, everyone check out my pal Robyn at Twitch Vintage, who is celebrating an anniversary today! Love is in the air! :)


  1. The carnival photos are excellent!!

  2. Great pictures! I love carnival food :)


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