153. music monday: Roisin Murphy - "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"

When I was in college, my group of friends was big on Halloween. One year we went as "Alice in Wonderland" characters with a couture/neon/trippy/black-light vibe. Hard to explain, but it looked ridiculously good. This song by Roisin Murphy was our official theme song for the event. First is just a video with the "Rama Lama Bang Bang" recording. After that is a poor-quality video of a performance on "So You Think You Can Dance," which was mostly the reason why we chose this as our theme song. Also, I went to Great Adventure on Saturday and they had a Halloween performance in which a group of zombies danced to this song pretty much step-for-step as the SYTYCD team. Boo to copy-catting, but cool to see.