161. tonic tuesday.

It's been getting nice and chilly in central NJ lately. I honestly worship fall weather, and it's really a shame because "busy season" at my job runs from September to December. Instead of enjoying these beautiful, cool, clear days, I sit inside an office til dark. But! I still have my morning drives, lunch breaks, and the occasional day when I leave on time at 5 to soak up autumn. And of course, I have the weekends.

Here are some examples of amazing vintage outerwear that I would wear whilst "soaking up autumn" if I had the opportunity and/or funds. Click on the image to go to the Etsy listing.

Bright Orange Vintage Preppy Jacket - Triple Pockets and Woodgrain Buttons from zwzzy


vintage 70s TOGGLE camel wool coat size L from PasseNouveauVintage

Vintage Olive Drab Bomber Jacket from the early 1950s from plundered

Vintage 60's Ultra Mod Aled Couture Metallic Dots Israel from Planetclairevintage

vintage Plaid Wool Coat . Cream Grey Pink . Windowpane . Pleat Puff Shoulder from shopgoodgrace

Vintage Mink Fur Wrap Stole 1960s from worldvintage

Vintage 1960s Nautical SAILOR'S Jacket M from SmallEarthVintage


  1. These are really beautiful items--I am particularly fond of that metallic dots coat! I love vintage coats. My overstuffed closets are testament to that. Thank you for featuring my mink stole here!


  2. I really love the range of choices here! Thanks so much for including me. Autumn is my favorite season--trying to get out and enjoy it as much as I can, but it's also my busiest time of year, too.

  3. Hot damn! These are some *gorgeous* coats!! And I'm with you -- I have a love affair with fall weather -- and the beautiful sweaters, coats and scarves that go along with it. (oh yes, and boots!) :) You have a great eye!! (As I click over to the items, I'm finding that many of them I've already "hearted". ha ha!)

  4. Fantastic coats! Thanks for including me! Hope you get some good Autumn-time! :)

  5. I often say that Fall is my favorite time of the year. Summertime people's clothes tend to fall off LOL but come Fall you can really see and appreciate clothing and others sense of style. Thank you so much for including my toggle duffle coat!


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