on the hunt for a cure for laziness..

The last few days at A Wild Tonic headquarters have been tricky. I've been incredibly unmotivated and overwhelmed. I'm not the really the best example of the "go-getter" type, but usually I can keep my laziness under control. Maybe it has to do with the warm weather, or the fact that I need a new job, but I've just been such a bum! My boy keeps encouraging me and I know that I'm capable of getting out of this funk, but I don't know how long that will take. Do you guys have any tips on how to get motivated? I'd love some suggestions! :)

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  1. I developed the habit of minimizing Netflix while I work and just listening to what was going on while doing computer work in another window... I think after a while you then get distracted into working!... helpful?

  2. I'm a list person - I make a list of what needs to be accomplished for the day, and aim for at least 75 percent completion. What is left on it has to go on the next day's list AND be completed as part of the next 75 percent. Stupid stuff can go on the list too (ie. Brush teeth) as it's fun crossing stuff off.

    I don't do it all the time, and it doesn't work all the time, but it gives me a perspective of what needs to get done. :)

  3. Lists can definitely help me too. I found that I can effectively trick myself into getting up early by scheduling package pick-ups the night before, but not packaging the items until that morning. My post man comes at 9:30, so it gets me up and going. This is the most effective trick I've found!

  4. I have those days/weeks when I feel like doing absolutely nothing even though I know there are things I really should be doing... good luck!

  5. Okay here's the plan.
    #1 Increase caffeine intake
    #2 Repeat step one until desired effect achieved!
    Good Luck! ;)

  6. girl, i feel you. i have had the same problem lately. in my head i keep saying "what the hell are you doing? it's nice out!! you wasted all winter inside doing NOTHING! if you're gonna be inside at least do SOMETHING!!" i'm hoping i snap out of it too, but it's been so gloomy and rainy here that it's hard. good luck!

  7. dude, here two things i do to cure this same problem (and trust me, i have it A LOT):

    1. i tell myself in the morning that i cant either go out at night or go to sleep until i get (insert #) listed/pictured/whatever. it actually has helped me a ton, bc even if it the number is crazy like 30, i usually get at least 2/3 done. ive even been known to list things while im a bit tipsy to try and get to the number. i wouldnt suggest that part of the idea, since it has caused many listing errors, but still, it is a motivator.

    2. i always have a problem with buying items and then for whatever reason not listing them in favor of new stuff. so every week i find a few things that have been sitting around(sometimes for months, yes, im that bad) and make them the top priority for the day. it seriously boosts my enthusiasm to get stuff done and a lot of times one of the items will sell rather quickly, so it becomes a bigger motivation to get other things done.

    these are just a couple things ive started this year. as you know, it is the year of #nomoreexcuses. they help me, so they might help you. or not and im just crazy. either way, test it out. you might be shocked!


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