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Thanks to Etsy's new-ish "Shop Stats" feature, sellers can get a look at where all of their traffic is coming from. I was scrolling through my stats the other day, when I saw a link to Coco Maria. I'm so glad I clicked through! Nicole bought a pair of shoes from my shop and linked to it in a few of her posts (how sweet!), and I am just in love with how she styled the shoes and her style in general.

coco maria 3

coco maria 2

coco maria 1

And some of Nicole's other looks that I love..

coco maria 4

coco maria 7

coco maria 6

coco maria 5

Thanks for supporting A Wild Tonic, Nicole! Make sure you go check out her blog, Coco Maria, ASAP! Happy Friday!


  1. How cool! What a lovely, stylish girl :) Good for her! Lovely feature.


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