an update and a call for pen pals!

Hi there, my friends! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a Merry Christmas if that's what you celebrate. I had a great weekend with my and Frank's families. Everyone loved the gifts I bought them (best feeling), and I love everything that I received. More on this to come..

Sadly, my beautiful Grandma Rita passed away yesterday. We are all very sad to lose her, but also relieved and happy she isn't suffering any longer.

With my grandma's passing, I've become incredibly motivated. I know that it's a pretty common thing that when people experience loss, they make sudden and sometimes large changes in their lives. For me, at least right now, all I want to do is clean. I'm organizing, streamlining, and purging everything in sight. Most of the physical clutter in my life is just nonsense that I'm too sentimental to get rid of, but not any more!

Speaking of which, I have about 30 of these hilarious pieces of stationery from Urban Outfitters which I bought years ago. I think I sent out one note from the set when I first got it, but I haven't touched it since. Therefore, I want to send some notes out to my blog friends and readers! If you would like a note, send your address to awildtonic at! You don't even need to write back if you don't want to! Hurry though, only the first 30 people I hear from will get one!

Here's to you, Rita, and to living more simply and happily in 2012!


  1. Ha ha, I would love to get a note from you and I'd love to write back. Is there an email I can send you my address?

  2. Great! Send it to awildtonic at or you can DM me on Twitter (awildtonic)! :)

  3. Am in... and would love to write back...


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