DIY • galaxy nails.

Galaxy Nails DIY

Galaxy nail art is a fun trend that I've seen on Pinterest and Tumblr a lot, but I couldn't seem to find a good DIY for it. A few weeks ago, my sister and I grabbed a bunch of nail polish and some toothpicks and had at it. I'm so proud of the results! Read on for some instructions. Let me know if you have any other tips, or send over pictures if you've done it yourself!

Galaxy Nails DIY

1 • start with clean nails
2 • put on two coats of a dark purple (or blue or black) base
3/4 • add dots of another color (blue, purple, black)

Galaxy Nails DIY

5 • add dots of a third color
6 • before the dots dry, swirl them around with a toothpick
7 • layer on some more dots, if you think you need it
8 • finish up with a layer of glitter polish and a topcoat

Galaxy Nails DIY

And there you have it, a simple how-to paint galaxy nails! Enjoy!


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