inspiring styling.

Lately I've stumbled upon a few designers whose work is wonderful and whose styling is just as wonderful. As an Etsy seller, I started out with pretty mediocre photography, lighting, styling, cropping/composition, and so on. I'm constantly trying to improve my work, and these three collections are just so inspiring. First is the Etsy shop ginnyandjudes. One of their images was in an Etsy email and I just had to click through. Beautiful clothing, accessories, model, everything! All images via the ginnyandjudes Etsy shop! (12345)

Next, I'd like to share some photos I found over at Honestly WTF. Ulyana Sergeenko's spring line looks gorgeous and these images are too cool. I love that you can see the lights in the shot. All images via Honestly WTF.

Ulyana Sergeenko 1
Ulyana Sergeenko 2
Ulyana Sergeenko 3

Finally, Erin at Calivintage turned me on to Summerland, whose spring lookbook is pretty fantastic. The photos (all via Summerland) are making me itch for summer. A few of my favorites...

Summerland 1
Summerland 2
Summerland 3


  1. Wow every single image here is so amazingly beautiful! x

  2. All these pictures are absolutely adorable!




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