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Introducing one of my sponsors, Roxy of Grrfeisty! Enjoy! Interested in sponsoring A Wild Tonic? Read more here. P.S. I had the pleasure of meeting Roxy at TxSC and she is an absolute doll. She is inspirational with all the things she does, plus she has perfect hair and taught me what a bayou is. ;) Make sure you go say hi!


A bit about Roxy and grrfeisty:
Hi! I'm Roxy over at grrfeisty.com. :) By day I teach math, and during every other moment I am either playing roller derby or being ever so crafty - and sharing it! I enjoy cutting and sewing felt, so I make a lot of cutesy accessories. :) Sometimes I use actual fabric, too!


Roxy's perfect day is..
I love sleeping in! Because it is an incredibly rare event! Currently, a perfect day for me would consist of snoozing until around 9am, hanging around with my dogs for a couple hours as I prepare myself for the day. Then spending a couple hours on the web in order to catch up on emails and social networking. Edit some blog entries, and then teach myself to sew clothing! Or at least begin to teach myself... Obviously my main focus is the ability to move ever-so-slowly in the morning. :) Oh and hopefully end my day spending some time with the boyfriend. :)

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