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So, remember my last post? I told you guys that I wasn't feeling well, but I'd be back the next day with lots of awesomeness. Turns out--I was really, very, terribly sick. I spent most of Wednesday and pretty much all of Thursday in bed or asleep. Thanks to all the meds and rest, I woke up this morning with just a bit of a cough and some dizziness. I want to thank everyone who commented or tweeted remedies or well-wishes my way. It definitely helped me feel better! :) I'm sad that I missed just about all of St. Patrick's Day (which is one of my favorite holidays, even though I'm not Irish), but there's always next year! Ha!

March 15th

March 15th        March 15th

I originally bought this blouse for the shop, but I think I love it too much to let it go. It's a little bit big on me, so I might list it at some point, but for now--it's mine. These pictures are from the last day that I felt like a normal human. I went to the boy's house for dinner and he shot some photos of my outfit for me. What a guy! :)

March 15th

March 15th        March 15th

Vintage cardigan and blouse-thrifted. Jeans-Gap. Bracelet-Kate Spade. Bracelet and flats-UO.

March 15th

March 15th        March 15th


  1. Hey lil lady! Im so sorry you got sick! I feel like somethings going on,.. Evryones sick. Something in the air? Anywhos, at least you're feeling a bit better? I'm not doctor, but you know was sick as hell. Have you tried remedies with apple cider vinegar? I swear by it now. Http:// you can browse your symptoms and get simple remedies mostly of vitamins and stuff you might have at home.

    Well enough if my un-doctor ramblings. LOVE the shirt! I am seriously on a hardcore diet cause everything I love on vintage stores are small. I hope by summer I can fit HAHAHAHAHA into at least a Medium. Lol

    Take care!


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